Customized small lot alternative variety programs are offered to discerning winemakers seeking to create unique wines. Since 2010 an exploration of alternative variety grapes via grafting over existing vineyard sections has been ongoing for clients. While not a perfect approach it allows for rapid conversion. Multiple new contractual relationships have been developed resulting in highly unique wines, in some cases totally one off wines.

The opportunity to explore is available here, with some requirements:

1. Long Term Grafting Contract of 6 years or more

2. Pricing not below what is already established in these vineyards

3. 50% deposit in April of first crop of estimated harvest value; COD remainder first year. Credit negotiations then after.

4. Proven financially sustainable winery creating good wine.

This is not for the faint of heart, rather a serious deep dive into cultivation of obscure alternative grape varieties that are rarely found, or almost completely abandoned in California. Winemakers seeking unique options to express their talents come to work with us on their visions when most independent growers shy away.

Selection of materials can come from field or nursery. Access to FPS clones is available depending on their availability. A significant number of old field selection clones have found there way here, while just released new varieties join in.

The graft over period is typically one year from top work to first leaf. Strong growing efforts over that year produce cordon material capable of cropping that first leaf. Not everything is suited to the climate of Suisun Valley so expect the prospect it may not work here. And do not forget this is not that indigenous site somewhere on the planet that each variety evolved from so what is happening is development of a California expression of that variety.

Alternative Varieties Already Growing
Some are fully contracted others might have surplus or be available so always ask. Most importantly, new selections you might like to control, is the contracting prerogative.

Butchera (Green Hungarian)
Chenin Blanc
Grenache Blanc
Trousseau Gris
Chassalas Dore

Petite Sirah

Email us direct to discuss your direction.