“Unique and boutique wines of Suisun Valley (and Solano County under our Shale Peak Vineyards label). Small lot winemaking from the vineyard to the winery brings fresh vibrant wines to your palate. We grow, vint, bottle our wines with limited intervention.”

Suisun Valley has seen grape vines since the 1800’s and that history remains strong today with a new group of growers and winemakers realizing the quality afforded here. A rediscovery of the Suisun Valley AVA began in the early 2000’s and is shaping a new presence and great rural character.


Wine Offerings

With that backdrop in place King Andrews Vineyards got started in 1989. While our own wine program barely consumes 5% of the grapes we grow, each year selections are made from the various blocks that will reflect the real character of Suisun Valley and Solano County. We have settled on Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Sangiovese as mainstays for reds, while Albarino is the sole flagship white.

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Many wines are fermented allowing native natural yeasts to do the work, but not always. Use of nuetral french oak barrels for elevage, avoiding overly oak flavors, allow the vineyard to speak clearly. Suisun Valley has signature qualities in smooth but spicey tannins and bright fruit flavors. These techniques help guide that virtue along. And of course do not overlook Maya and her red blend.

Vineyard Offerings

Alternative varietals are becoming more and more the focus for grape sales to outside wineries. Mulitple small blocks have become a patchwork of different flavors and aromas sought by winemakers wanting to explore outside the main stream. Or in case of some, wanting to explore old varietals that have lost fancy but are now presenting incredible results cast in a different growing and winemaking style. An interesting and eclectic group of winemakers sourcing fruit from these vineyard blocks have created vineyard designate and blended wines that have helped define the character of Suisun Valley. Continuing that into the future is the goal, from young upstarts to mature brands. coop

We welcome diversity, seek to explore and invite you to join us. gitsham hill

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